How It Works

Fundraising Program Overview is an internet portal dedicated to providing organizations and supporters a way of buying from the most popular and trusted retail stores.  When someone shops at any of these stores, a percentage of every dollar spent goes back to your organization.  We pay your organization a percentage of All commissions received from sales through your organization’s custom, proprietary shopping page.  Plus, we pay a year-end Bonus commission based on your organization purchased volume throughout the year! There is never a cost of any kind to your organization.

Our 140+ online retail stores are known for top quality merchandise, excellent reputation and superior customer service.  All of the retail stores on your custom shopping page have been selling products online for many years. offers member organizations:


1. provides all the banners and links to your proprietary, custom shopping page.  Once your banners are placed on your organization’s website, our proprietary software will track and credit all purchases made through your website.


2. also provides your organization with a password protected reporting site.  This site tracks all sales coming through your website, as well as your organization’s commissions earned by those sales.


3. is a portal only.  This means we never see or collect any personal, credit card or banking information from any of your organization’s members and supporters.  They buy directly from the stores.


4. will be happy to assist in the promotion of your fundraising campaigns.  

There is no agreement to sign to start using fundraising program and there is never a charge of any kind to your organization.  Your organization’s only responsibility is to promote your new fundraising program and your shopping page.  The more you promote it, the more your organization earns! 

All your members and supporters have to do is simply go to your organization’s website, click on the banners provided by and begin shopping at your custom shopping page.


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